Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Quilt of 2010!

I would love for 2010 to be a year of quilts for me.  To kick it off, I completed this quilt top in ONE DAY!  Yep, you read that right folks.  I sewed this up TODAY!  I cut most of the fabric a couple days ago, but all of the sewing was done today in about 5 hours during a couple chunks of kid-free time.  After coming home from our getaway at Chateau Elan this afternoon, Mr. Mudpie crashed for a nap, giving me about 4 hours of sewing time.  Yeah baby!  We then headed out for dinner, cocktails and a movie (I highly recommend "Did you hear about the Morgans?" btw) and met up with some friends for a couple beers and college football.   All it took was another hour once we got home to cut and sew on the borders and voila!  A quilt top is born! 

This baby won't be quilted and binded until mid-February however.  I am taking a class at Heirlooms & Comforts on machine quilting and want to use some tips I pick up there on this quilt.  This is the first quilt that I've made that will actually be staying in our home.  Since it's going in the master bedroom, I want the quilting to be nicely done.  That's the plan anyways! 

This one is a large throw size.  Big enough for two adults to snuggle under.  :)  I love that the design is incredibly simple, allowing the fabrics to really be showcased.  I especially love the one with the little blue birdie. 

A closeup of the fabrics:


  1. That turned out really pretty. I like it with the brown border better. Good choice.

  2. I love the colors and the fabric. Great job!

  3. i am jealous!!! i bought fabric for the entire house to sew....window curtains, the girls room, guest room, our room, our bathroom. and i have not finished it yet! i have completed the den curtains, living room curtains, our bedroom door (roman shade, very proud of it) and our bathroom shower & window curtains....and that has taken 5 years. you are motivating me to get my butt in gear and finished at least the girls room......before that move out!

  4. Pamela - you need to get sewing girl! Especially if you have the fabric already!

  5. I love the quilt. It shows how crafty you are. Can you make me a quilt with a huge 7-11 logo in the middle.


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