Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stocking Exchange: The Big Reveal!

Well.... I was going to write up a great post about what I gave Becky, what she gave me, etc.  However, Becky did a great job over on her blog, so I'm going to send you over there to check it out! 

So head over to Becky Ann Designs and tell her I said hi  :)

What Becky gave me!

What I gave Becky

And Lara, if you are reading this - I want to hear how your stocking exchange with your friend went! 


  1. OK... so just call me out on this why don't you :) We were really lazy and didn't do the exchange HAHA!!! BUT.... yours are so cute that I think I might propose doing a Valentine exchange... who doesn't like getting Valentines right?

  2. A Valentine's swap is a great idea! It would be fun for the kids too.

  3. I enjoyed the outcome of this gift exchange and have realized I am now addicted to banana chips.


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