Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Homemade Gifts Recap: Camera Cases

Mr. Mudpie's mom joined the digital camera world a few months ago finally!  She received a cute little pink point and shoot camera for her birthday, but was carrying it around in this old, beat up, hideous case.  I mean seriously ugly!  I take that back, the first little bit she crammed it into a travel tissue holder that Taylor sewed for her... then she switched to the hideous outdated case.   I knew she wanted a case to match her camera, so I made this:

I was testing out the case at TJ's Thanksgiving Parade at his preschool to see if it functioned good and Angel saw it.  She wanted one for her preggo sister to match the nautical themed diaper bag, so I made this one:

Now, have I made one for myself?  Nope.  And I really need one too.  My poor (currently having issues, hence the horrible photos lately) camera has no case.  It just takes it's chances every time it gets flung into the deep abyss I like to call my purse. 

**** I used a tutorial on another blog to create these, but lost the link when my laptop went to the shop.  If anyone knows what blog it was on, please post so I can give credit. 


  1. My sister LOVES her camera bag by the way. She just thought it was the neatest thing. I saw it in her bag the last time they were here! I love the fabrics. Now, make one for yourself, hehe.

  2. i love this. what's the price for getting one of these made by you (b/c I am sure i will not be sewing one for myself anytime soon). i could use this gift idea for my mother.

  3. I'm going to be selling them for $12.50 at the farmer's market this spring. I can make them in pretty much any color scheme, fabric choice you want. This one fits many digital cameras, cell phones, Ipods and is aslo great for a little pouch to hold smaller items in your purse.

    I also have another design in the works that has a pocket and a loop to attach it to a clip or key ring. This design will hold all of the above items, plus it will be sized to hold a Nintendo DS.


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