Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We're all grown up!

(picture of us on our first Valentine's Day.  we'd been dating less than a month)

Well maybe not Mr. Mudpie  :)    You want to know something sad?  We have never had lamps in our master bedroom.  Ever.  We have always had hand-me-down bedroom furniture.  Why buy an expensive lamp to put on furniture we don't love?  Plus, have you priced lamps lately?  Those suckers are expensive!   

Well guess what?  Mr. Mudpie bought me lamps for the master bedroom today!  And guess what else?  I picked them out and he actually agreed on the style.  --- insert huge gasp here! ---   We don't exactly have the same taste is home decor.  To let you in on how different we think, here is a conversation we had the day after Christmas. 

                Me:  "Where are we going to put that big ass
                       gun safe at?"              
    Mr. Mudpie:  "In the living room"
                Me:  "Ok...." (trying to stay calm)
    Mr. Mudpie:   "And we can hang my grandaddy's old
                         shotgun above that doorway" (he's
                        pointing now and getting all excited)
                Me:  "Oh dear lord" (clutching my chest, I feel
                       the pains coming)
    Mr. Mudpie:  "We can do a WESTERN THEME!!!!"
                Me:  "I'm in hell"   (I think this is the point I
                       may have checked out of the conversation)

You see, I love love love modern, contemporary decor.  I could live in an Ikea catalog and be a very happy girl.  One day, our home will reflect that.  Maybe when the kids hit the road.  Mr. Mudpie says he likes traditional, but he really likes this interesting cross between frat boy & country. 

So to go with our Brand Spanking New bedroom furniture we got in September, Mr. Mudpie bought me the lamps today.  It helped the cause that he has started reading.  Seriously.... the boy did not read until the last year or so.  So now, we get to act like grown ups and read in bed.  You have no idea how happy that makes me.  :)


  1. Very pretty! And you are no longer allowed to whine about having ugly furniture for so long. Ya'll have been married what not quite 7 years? Me and Jay have been married 8 1/2 and don't even have an ugly headboard to complain about, just a metal bed frame, box springs, and mattress. And I am not one of those contemporary people that think that is OK and cool looking. I have GOT to get that door for a headboard project done.

  2. 6 years in March. And I offered you that headboard of ours!!! lol I was wondering the other day when you were going to do that project. And make sure you blog about it in case I'm not around when you make it.

  3. i totally identify with the country theme from the guys. buck has 2 deer head on the wall...at his moms!! i refuse to have real animals now stuffed in my house on the wall. i told him when he gets the garage done, i am more than happy to finished the inside and make it a nice presentation for those deer head. we too would have guns on the walls. and safes in the house if he could afford one. i like the lamps. we actually had a lamp at one time, but with reading not being either of ours favorite thing to do....i got rid of it....wish i had known you were in the market!!

  4. That is so pretty, I am happy you finally got your lamps! Ian and I read in bed together every night (insert, aaaahhhhh, how sweet). Our home has no style at all. At least you have an idea of what you want!

  5. Not sure if I would call his taste "country". When you say country I picture red and green paid in a kitchen with some ruffly vallence... hmmmm.... Mr. Mudpie is definately more frat boy or whatever he can find on the side of the road that will serve the purpose at that moment... and who really cares what furniture is there b/c crap just is thrown all over it right ?:) It's a good thing you came along or he might just be lost under junk and crap right now if there was no one to clean for him.

    Becky - I can't believe you haven't made some fun headboard yet for yourself.

  6. Ok. Its time to stop the Mr Mudpie bashing or I will create a blog and devote it to having husbands INSIST on the "cluttered country" theme.

  7. dude...i not only have a shotgun hanging on my wall but i have a cabin border and a deer head!!!!! talk about hell. the big ass safe is luckily tucked out of the way.;D


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