Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's Cooking Time!

Get ready folks.... you are going to be seeing a trend of bulk cooking posts on my little blog in the coming months.  We are trying to use all of the stuff in our freezers, which means we will be filling them back up soon!  Food is one of my main passions in life, so the thought of some major cooking makes me all giddy and school girl-ish!

I am a huge fan of bulk cooking (aka OAMC "once a month cooking").  There are tons of people who do actual Once A Month Cooking, where they spend two days cooking 30 meals.  However, I tend to approach it a little differently.  This is mainly because I don't like the taste of most foods that have been cooked, frozen and reheated.  I do however LOVE to prep a ton of food and throw it in the freezer so that it is ready to go on the day I need it.  This is a HUGE timesaver at dinnertime. 

My typical method is to attack bulk cooking by meat types.  When ground beef goes on sale, I buy around 30 lbs.  When whole chickens go on sale for $0.69/lb or less, I buy 2 dozen --- yep, that's 24 chickens!  I also do Baking Days where I make a few batches of cookie dough and a few batches of muffins for the freezer.  Breakfast bulk cooking is also high on my list of favorites. 

Breakfast is my struggle meal of every single day.  TJ likes a full meal at breakfast and I am not a morning person, so I make huge batches of pancakes, muffins, french toast sticks, sausage biscuits, etc.  That way in the mornings, I microwave one of the frozen items and throw it at him.  He and I both find that our mornings go smoother when we have breakfast items in the freezer.  *** We have proven this method the past month, as we have run out of breakfast freezer items and have been going day-by-day.  It has gotten pretty ugly and I will be doing a breakfast session this week! ***

So stay tuned for some yummy recipes and time saving tips.  Make some room in your freezers!

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