Sunday, February 7, 2010

Jersey Ruffle Scarf

When I saw the Sew Much Ado: Jersey Ruffle Scarf Tutorial. I knew I had to make that scarf.  What really sealed the deal was the reminder that I had quite a bit of Jersey yardage in my stash.  I bought about 10 yards of jersey material about a year ago, but I have absolutely no idea why.  It is a total pain to sew and I definitely do not have the skills needed to tackle it.  Well, the regretted impulse jersey purchase has finally been put to use! 

As predicted, it was nowhere near easy to sew.  Not hard necessarily, just tempermental.  I will say though, that I love the fact that it does not fray.  This non-fray factor allows you to leave the edges unhemmed and gives it a really cool effect.  I see many more jersey projects in my future! 

Start to finish, the scarf took about 2 hours to make, which is entirely too long.  However, the moment I put it on, I was in love.  It is incredibly soft and silky feeling.  As I was sewing, I had every intention of giving the scarf as a Valentine's gift.  But.....I'm thinking I need to make a second one -- I do have PLENTY of fabric left afterall -- so I can keep this one for myself.  It is that luxurious feeling.  If I could figure out a way to sleep with this thing on and not wind up choking myself, I would. 

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  1. It turned out really cute! I know what you mean about wanting to never take it off, aren't they so comfy?! And, we must be on the same page because I just posted a t-shirt refashion into a skirt yesterday too! Thanks for using the tutorial!


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