Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Story of A Failed Tooth Fairy

Let me tell you a little story about how I am officially the WORST tooth fairy in the world. 

We've been privileged to spend the past few weeks watching the Top Left Front Tooth slowly loosen.  Seriously, it took forever!  But Taylor got in the car yesterday afternoon and announced "My tooth is coming out tonight.  It's ready."  So I'm thinking, "ok.... I hope Mr. Mudpie has a dollar bill on hand, because all I have is my debit card".

We head to Firehouse Subs for dinner with friends, because it's Wednesday and kids eat free.  Hello cheap dinner!  We get there and somehow Taylor convinces our friend Ian to pull the tooth out.  At this point I'm thinking "hold the phone!  wimpy girl wants him to do what?"  So he pulled it and she didn't cry.  I was SHOCKED!  Let's face it... Taylor is pretty dramatic.  She must get it from her father. :)

So here's where I failed at my Tooth Fairy responsibilities:  I *forgot* to switch it out with the money.  I even helped her put the darn thing in the tooth fairy trinket box (from Tiffany's I might add) and put it under her pillow.  This morning I went in to wake the kids up and she was sitting in bed looking down at the box with the saddest face I have ever seen.  I have never felt like such a failure of a parent as I did this morning.  It was awful.  So I tell her.... "Taylor, it's still dark outside.  Maybe she just hasn't gotten here yet."  and she says "Sammy barked in the middle of the night.  Maybe she scared her away."  So I clung to her theory as I freaked out inside thinking that I had scarred my child for life. 

She got up to tell her daddy about her misfortune and I flung a dollar bill (thanks Mr. Mudpie) under the pillow.  When she came in, I pretended to make the bed (which we NEVER do) and asked her "Did you look under your pillow or just reach in for the box?"  So she climbs back into the top bunk and finds the dollar.  I'm thinking.... "YES!  You redeemed yourself!!!" 

Oh hell no.  Now she's upset about why the fairy left the tooth.  Mr. Mudpie comes up with the scenario that seals the deal.  You see, last night Taylor and Evelyn were talking about how Evelyn wrote the tooth fairy a letter asking if she could keep her teeth.  Mr. Mudpie figures the tooth fairy heard them talking and thought Taylor wanted to keep hers too.  She bought his theory a little, but left the tooth under her pillow in case the fairy came back for it while she was at school. 

She forgot about it this afternoon, and when she climbed into bed she found the tooth had been replaced with a Hershey's kiss in the trinket box.  I'm thinking, "Woo Hoo!  NOW I've redeemed myself!"  Nope.  Can't just let me have my moment....  She looks at me and says "Why would the tooth fairy leave me chocolate?  Does she just WANT all of my teeth to rot and fall out?!" 

~ Sigh ~ 


  1. Now if you had only remembered to go to this website like I told you to and read it to Taylor you wouldn't have had any issues. It explains what she does with the teeth, why kids get different amounts of money, why she doesn't always make it to get your tooth the first night it is under your pillow, etc. Pretty much has an answer for everything tooth fairy related.

  2. man, girl, you really went thru it!! well, i am checking that site out!

    i will tell you tho, that happened to us one time. but it was because phoebe lost her tooth at school and brought it home in the little necklace box and when buck was pulling in the driveway she ran out there and somehow the box opened and it fell out. Yep, she really lost it. gravel driveway, mind you, we never found it. so we thought maybe she would still get something. side note, we always put a zip lock under the pillow under the trinket box with the info on, date, which tooth, the tooth fairy can take the tooth out of the trinket while replacing it with money, and then place the tooth in the zip lock. this is to redeem myself later when they accidentally find all their now they know i have them. anyway, back to when she really lost her tooth. the tooth fairy did not come by that night (b/c she forget) and phoebe was horrified she would not get something. well, i told her maybe the tooth fairy was waiting to see if she found the tooth that day. and since we did not, the tooth fairy was sure to come the next night.

    out of curiosity, how much does yalls tooth fairy leave?? i think with have the food stamp tooth fairy!! since blaine was the first to lose a tooth and it was in this tiny little box, she got 10 dimes… phoebe only got a dollar for her first. And since the first is the big deal….the other teeth have not been as much I don’t think!!

  3. Aly got $3 for her first tooth. She will get either a quarter or $1 for any others she might lose. But hey, it all depends on how many donations the tooth fairy has recieved recently and how many kids lost a tooth that same day.

  4. Now that is just sad. I feel bad for both of you but really you are probably more scared than Taylor.

    When I was little I was spending the night at a friends and her little brother lost his frist tooth... it was a big deal and his mom forgot about it. Luckly he called her in there to look under the pillow with him so she told him to wait so that we could come look too. She came and got us and when she did she also grabbed a huge handful of change off her dresser. We all went in the room and she put the change under the bed when she sat down next to it. He was so upset there was nothing under the pillow so then we all went searching and pretended to find the money under the bed... it was sad, but funny all at the same time.

  5. Donna, I am laughing out loud! That is one of the best stories I have read in a long time!!!!!

  6. Now that is funny! Nice saves, almost :). You could tell her that she (the TF) knew that it was an Ian pull and so far all of Ian's pulls have wanted to stay at home. . . Tooth fairies operate with weird logic.


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