Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Little Scarlet O'Hara Upcycle Project

Mother's Day Gift for Maw Maw (Mr. Mudpie's step-mom)

"Maw Maw" is an avid baker.  She is known for her beautiful cakes and her mean biscuits.  BUT, I think her true specialty is the little confections she gives all of us kids every year at Christmas.  All year, I look forward to receiving the bucket of yumminess from her.  Fudge, cookies, bon-bons, and my favorite..... chocolate covered cherries.  They are to die for.  So, an apron was only fitting.  You really can't have too many aprons.... they're like kitchen towels.  You can always use more. 

She likes wearing a specific style of apron, that is very different from the type of aprons I have made before.  She likes simple - I like girly ones that accentuate "the lovelies" as Mr. Mudpie calls them.  (Did I make you blush just then?!) 

Here's where the upcycle comes in:  When I picked out a window treatment for my kitchen window, the valance I wanted came with a set of 2 panels, which I didn't need.  Becky suggested a long time ago that they would make great aprons.  Perfect! 

I cut the curtain panel down, sewed a pocket and added some double fold binding, made from stash fabric.  It was a perfect gift for her, and I think she would be proud that I made it with materials on hand. 
Before (a lonely set of curtain panels): 

After (a cute, functional apron for Maw Maw to wear while making me goodies cooking dinner): 

Like this apron?  An identical one will be appearing in my about-to-open Etsy shop very soon! 

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