Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cabin Quilt: quilt top

Back in January, my mom and I went on a fabric run to find fabrics for a quilt she wanted me to make.  We ended up at Viking Sew & Quilt shop in Greenville, SC.  It's the sister shop to my local quilt shop, Heirlooms & Comforts.  We had already ordered two fabrics from Etsy, but we needed to find all of the others.  Viking did not dissapoint!  We got some great stuff, most of it on sale. 

And then it sat in a basket in my sewing space.  And sat some more.  I just could not get motivated to work on it.  It may have been the fact that we didn't really have a concrete plan in mind.  In February, I spent about an hour and ripped the focal fabric into 3 panels and bordered them all with a red print.  I also made some pinwheels with 2 of the other fabrics.  Then it all went back into the basket to sit until now.  The middle of May. 

Last night, I get the kids to bed, clear off the dining table and decide to sew SOMETHING.  I've been mass producing hair clips for the past week, so I wanted something non-girly to work on.  Out came the quilt basket.  After a few layouts, and some design consulting via Blackberry Messenger with Becky, I decided on the layout. 

So, at 9:30pm, I start cutting and sewing.  At 10:30pm I realize the darn thing is too small.  WAY to small.  So, I spend another hour playing with borders to come up with something that works.  Another hour of sewing on those borders and I finally have a quilt top.  At 12:30am, I hang it up on the wall to get a crappy-middle-of-the-night-with-my-camera-phone picture, step back and think "uh oh.  this thing is huge!"  

She wanted a throw quilt for her couch big enough for her and dad to snuggle under together.  I think this should do it! 

Unquilted Size:  55" x 78"  (a very generous sized lap quilt)

Next up:  Make the backing, baste, quilt and bind  

Hey Becky -- I see a basting party at the library in the near future! 

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  1. I will be happy to help you baste. You wouldn't think that would be such a fun thing we look forward to would you? Now, if I can get mama's top finished, we will be on the same quilting "cycle".


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