Thursday, April 29, 2010

Produce Score!

My favorite time of day to grocery shop for markdowns is around 3:00, right after school lets out.  The reasoning is this:  at my local Bi-lo store, the morning shift leaves around 3:00.  Just before leaving, they mark down any items that need to sell right away.  This is the BEST time to find cheap meats and produce.  As long as you use / freeze them right away, they are still perfectly good items. 

Today, I was on the hunt for produce and Bi-lo did not dissapoint!  Today's haul:

Bagged Salad Mix - $0.99  (reg price $3.29)
2 Mushrooms - $0.99 each (reg price $2.99)
9 Blackberries - $0.50 each   (holy cow!!!  reg price $3.49, on sale for $2.50, had $2 mark down stickers)

I was planning on buying a salad mix and mushrooms anyways, so finding them on markdown was awesome.  I have wild blackberries growing my backyard that we pick, but they won't be ready for several weeks, so these will hold me over until then. 

Total Spent - $7.47
Regular Price - $40.68

Savings of $33.21

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