Friday, October 23, 2009

When a friend has a crappy day....

.... make them an owl pillow. lol That's actually what I did tonight. My friend Becky had one of those "the dryer just broke, there goes the Christmas money" kind of days. In true housework-procrastination mode, I whipped up a little owl throw pillow for her. She has an even more obsessive love of owls than I do, so this should be a perfect little gift.
The pattern is in the current issue of Better Homes & Garden Quilts. Start to finish, it took about 4 hours. Not too shabby considering it involved tons of tiny pieces, applique AND embroidery. Finished pillow measures about 9"x7". I forgot to take a picture of the back, but it's the same embroidered fabric that is used for the tree trunk. Best part of this project: All fabric from the stash! Love when that happens!
I really really want to make one of these for myself!

"You're a hoot!"

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  1. I put it in the recliner until the girls got home. It has made me smile all day. Thanks again so much. It really made my day.


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