Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halloween Wreath

After seeing an awesome Halloween Wreath over at the blog Something To Do, I was on a mission to make one. In the spirit of repurposing, she used an old metal embroidery hoop. Since I didn't have one of those, my brain immediately went to the next best thing: raiding my dad's workshop. So I loaded up the kids and the dog for an impromptu weekend trip to the cabin, bringing along the sewing machine to work on some unfinished projects.

The lowdown on how to make your own Halloween Wreath:

1. Find someone with a workshop full of 20 years worth of stuff. It helps to have a packrat for a dad in times like this. :)

2. Round up some sturdy wire, or any other material that can be formed into a circle and hold it's shape. Once I convinced Dad to give up some of his stash of wires, he cut it down to size for me. Thanks, Dad!

3. Since I chose wire, I used a handful of cable ties to secure the wire together. (Dad keeps them in an old metal tin that Jamaican Rum comes in. If you know him in real life, you will know exactly how fitting this is!)

4. Make sure to snip off the ends of all of those cable ties!

5. Cut your tulle into strips about 12" long and slip knot them around the ring. It takes forever, but produces really cute results!

6. Hang it on your front door and stand outside taking pictures while your neighbors look at you like you're crazy.

Also, I only have a Christmas wreath holder, so I wrapped it in orange fabric I had in my stash to make it work.

Cost of project: $1.50 for some black tulle I got on sale a year ago - plus - a tank of gas for our weekend away.


  1. That turned out so CUTE! Might just have to make one for myself if my sunflower one dies before next fall, which it probably will.

  2. I LOVE that, it's like a door tutu!


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