Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thrifting Finds!

My mom was in town for Halloween weekend. In addition to the scarf making, cheesecake eating and trick-or-treating, we went THRIFTING! One of my favorite things to do! It was a Christmas themed day, for some reason. 
Here's what I got for $5:

Wooden Basket - I will use this as the packaging for some kitchen towels and pot holders I made for one of the kids' grandmothers.

Ceramic Jar with handle - This is going to get some handmade soap packaged in it for one of the other grandmothers.

2 Wooden Gingerbread People - These were handmade by someone else. I'm going to give them a little facelift with some paint and put eye hooks on them for the kids' small Christmas tree.  They are soooo not something I would normally even take a second look at.  I don't what possessed me to buy them. 

AND MY FAVORITE!!! 2 Wooden Candlesticks - these have got the most hideous faux something paint job. I felt the need to rescue these from a life of horrible paint and sitting on a dusty thrift store shelf.

Can I just say.... spray paint is a girl's best friend! I mean, you can transform ANYTHING with some spray paint. I am especially partial to the high gloss black spray paint that you can get from Home Depot for only a dollar a can. It's on the bottom shelf. LOVE IT!

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